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12 Rules for Business

16 years in business and it all comes down to this... I'm a big fan of Jordan B. Peterson's work, and it's his latest two books that have inspired these '12 Rules for Business'. This is my 16th year in business, and what a ride it's been. So today I thought, "What would MY 12 rules for business be?" Well, here they are: 1. Identify a problem you care deeply about solving, and that which you have the pre-requisite skills, qualifications and experience to solve 2. Employ or create a solution that solves the problem in a way that is as results based, meaningful and measurable as it can possibly be 3. Employ or create a hierarchy of solutions that best solve the problems created by, or that exist alongside, your primary solution to the problem 4. Identify those people who are most deeply affected by the problem you have chosen 5. Identify how those people most deeply affected by the problem spend their time, and through which social channels their attention is most concentrated 6. Communicate simply, honestly and consistently with every person you choose to communicate with 7. Take the time to listen with the goal of understanding what each person wants and needs better than they do 8. Seek out and receive criticism, complaints and feedback with openness and humility, from the perspective that maybe the person giving it can see something you are currently blind to 9. Don’t be afraid to fail, for each failure lays the next steppingstone along your path to success, and without which no progress would be possible 10. Focus more on delivering quality, helping people feel valued, and fulfilling your higher purpose than on making money 11. Know your numbers; know what you cost, what you’re worth, and make sure the difference between the two makes it worth the time you sacrifice 12. Be both mindful and wary of the ‘what could be’; planning gives you the power to avoid potential pitfalls and to capitalise on opportunities but be wary of becoming lost in procrastination. Action through doing creates results but without careful forethought and direction may not create the results you want – work hard to balance careful planning with focused action for the best chance of doing the right things at the right time So there you have it - 16 years of business experience condensed into 12 simple rules. Which do you think is most important? Let me know in the comments.

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